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Forum Rules (PLEASE READ)

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Forum Rules (PLEASE READ)

Post  Captain Pirate on Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:50 am

These are rules that apply to the entire forum. Please follow them.

1. No harassing other members - 2 day ban
2. LISTEN to the admins - No ban just negative rep
3. No explicit content Pr0n,Shock,etc - 1 day ban (Suggestive is ok)
4. No Cerealness please - 1 day ban
5. Do not spam - 1 day to 1 week ban depending on how bad
6. Do not post in the wrong forum on purpose
7. Be like this V

Discuss these rules if you think they suck or something.
Remember that this is a three strike system third stike will get you a ban
Do not ask me how to do stuff use this instead
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